Product review: Chord ChordMusic – Gadgety News Oct 2016

Reviewed in November, 2016

One sure-fire way of starting a flame war on forums and Facebook pages is by mentioning the abilities of cables in your Hi-Fi system. Some will argue based on pure science, others by experience. Personally, I choose to use my ears and a healthy dollop of skepticism. The thing is, no matter the reason, leads from the Chord Company tend to impress. The Music line, is their top level cable and I went to have a listen. With my ears.

I do understand why interconnects and speaker cables divide opinion. Up until very recently I would balk at paying more than £20 for a Hi-Fi cable. The thing is, I regularly pay (not happily, but I do) £35+ for bass strings and the leads I use in my live rig are all around the £40ish mark – except the Cream lead from Chord that I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to keep.

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