Product review: Chord Company PowerHAUS M6 mains distribution block – The Ear Feb 2023

Reviewed in February, 2023

‘The Powerhaus M6 has raised the bar of my system’s performance. The M6 is supplied with a basic power cable but I highly recommend the Epic ARAY mains cable used for this review, it’s not inexpensive at £750 for the 1.5m length provided (1m is £500), but I consider that a fair price for the improvements it brought to my fairly high-end setup. In low to mid-price systems, the S6 may make more sense. I would advise trying both Powerhaus models from Chord, then deciding if the additional delights the M6 delivers are worth the not inconsiderable £1,000 required. Would I purchase the Powerhaus M6 over the S6? Emphatically Yes.’

The Ear


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