Product review: Chord Sarum Super ARAY – The Ear Oct 2015

Reviewed in October, 2015

Chord Company Sarum Super ARAY

Chord Co appears to understand this better than most, all of its upgrades result in your favourite records sounding better and this is doubly so with Sarum Super ARAY (Tuned ARAY cables can be upgraded to Super status BTW. It is expensive but if you are serious about getting to hear all of what’s on the disc, file or tape in a coherent manner then cables are just as important as hardware. Inconveniently this is true of all cables, the Super ARAY Digital Stream brings very similar results to the analogue interconnect and Digital RCA cables, it would be nice if certain cables were less important but it seems that wherever the signal travels it’s open to corruption. One point that repeatedly became clear with the Digital Stream is that counter to expectations the run between hard drive and switch is more important than the subsequent connection to the streamer. Source first applies even when it comes to packet data it seems.

It struck me that Sarum Super ARAY cables are a bit like Rega’s better products, they both turn sound into music. You can have a hugely detailed, three-dimensional sound that fails to get to the parts that only music can, putting these cables into virtually any system will do that trick, I heartily recommend you give it a try.

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