Product review: Chord Sarum T Digital cable – Audio Bacon Mar 2019

Reviewed in March, 2019

“Going through my collections of Sara Bareilles, Lana Del Rey, and Alice Merton – the Sarum T was a revelation (literally). From the gentle vocal inflections to the higher energies of a falsetto. It digs deep into the nuances and character of the performers. This is at a level of detail I haven’t heard from many digital cables.

Not only is dialogue pristine and clear, but the emotional efforts of the performance are also in plain view. The Sarum T just breathes.

Although I realize the color isn’t the most organic, it kept me listening. It shines an informative light onto the recording. “I haven’t heard that before” was a recurring theme in my listening.

The Sarum T made me realize how much information was in a recording. And in addition, how a recording sounds with absolutely no veil, no blurring, no noise.”

Audio Bacon Mar 2019


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