Product review: Chord Sarum USB cable – Hifi Pig March 2016

Reviewed in March, 2016

Dan Worth take a listen to the £1000 Chord Sarum Super Aray USB cable.

I have used virtually every major high-end USB cable on the market and although I have been incredibly impressed with many, I still had one major issue and that was the centre focus. I have been talking with others at Hifi Pig, dealers, distributors and friends regarding many of the cables I have heard and how they have a tendency to trade the solidity of centre focus for openness. On critical analysis over many months of listening tests with various USB cables I decided to design my own.

This was a very lengthy and tedious process as the guy who built it for me will attest to, but finally I found a combination of materials and dielectrics that offered a cable which gave that solid, full bodied sound and vocal that also had a beautifully open and wide soundstage, this conclusion was arrived at through multiple listening tests by myself and others in my room, with my system and with others in their own systems,  I was finally happy…

A passing acquaintance mentioned to me during a conversation about USB cables that he had, after many vigorous listening hours, purchased a Chord Sarum Super Aray USB and said he would allow me to borrow it for a couple of weeks ‘you have to listen to one’ he said. I thanked him and said ‘if it’s that good I I’ll contact Chord’s PR people’.

So I put in a call to Dan George of Dan George Communications and former editor of Hifi Choice Magazine, briefly after the Chord Sarum Super Aray USB landed on my doorstep.

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