Product review: Chord Signature Reference/XL speaker cable – Audiophile Man Nov 2018

Reviewed in November, 2018

“Looking for a high-end speaker cable upgrade? Paul Rigby tries the Chord Signature Reference

Often hi-fi ancillary attention can be focused in and around the boxes, the amplifiers, the CD players and the turntables with even enlightened hi-fi users sometimes relegating the speakers to add-on necessities in terms of quality cabling. Yet the speaker cables are an essential and necessary ingredient. Suffice to say, get this bit right, you’ll certainly notice and your music will thank you for it.”

GOOD: dynamic reach, instrumental separation, clarity

BAD: nothing

“High-end cable design asks a lot of the designers partly because the price places expectations upon the same. Chord has nothing to fear here because this set of cables provides a splendid array of sonic highlights that provides enough transparency and, yes, neutrality to enhance music detail”


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