Product review: ChordMusic press launch – The EAR April 2016

Reviewed in April, 2016

ChordMusic the inside story

Chord has officially launched its most ambitious cable range to date in ChordMusic. First previewed at Bristol last year it has taken until now for Nigel Finn and Alan Gibb to gather enough of this uniquely insulated cable to build both interconnects and speaker cables for the ChordMusic range. The ChordMusic interconnects have the same design and silver plated copper conductors as the Sarum Super ARAY cables but use what Chord has dubbed Taylon, a military spec dielectric that outperforms the PTFE used on the Sarum models. This was made abundantly obvious when ChordMusic cables replaced Sarum SA in a £300,000 system at KJ West One in London yesterday. The system, which consisted of dCS Vivaldi CD transport and DAC, Naim Statement amplification and Wilson Alexia speakers, sounded pretty special with Sarum Super ARAY as you might hope but every time that the Sarum was replaced with ChordMusic the sound became more natural, real and as you might expect, more musical.

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