WHAT HI-FI? Awards 2015: Product Of The Year (Best Speaker Cable)

Product of the Year Awards 2016 Chord’s excellent speaker cable allows for more musicality and greater dynamics from your system… Performance And the effect upon our reference system makes for very interesting listening indeed. We find the Clearway helps the system better stitch the instruments together; it’s more rhythmic, more dynamic, more musical – Shostakovich...

Hi-Fi Choice Group Test Winner 2015: Chord C-line

The number one spot here goes to The Chord Company’s C-Line Which wins on overall imaging, including a balanced front-to-back dimension. This interconnect handles complex music with ease, delivering a performance that is lively and involving. It takes both classical and modern music in its stride, and with its white cable and blue phono plugs it looks rather snazzy too. Refined...

Chord Sarum – Hi-Fi Review Magazine (Hong Kong) Product of the year 2015

Chord Sarum – Hi-Fi Review Magazine (Hong Kong) Product of the year 2015 Big thank you to Michael Chan and all at Richcoln for their sterling work and continued support.  Please contact them for further info on Chord Company products in Hong Kong.

Hi-Fi World Awards 2014: Best Interconnect Cable - Chord Signature Tuned ARAY

BEST INTERCONNECT CABLE One of Chord’s flagship cables, the Signature Tuned ARAY is made from high-quality silver-plated conductors and PTFE insulation with two layers of silver braid for screening. This is covered with a white PTFE outer extrusion, and Chord fit ultra-low mass RCA plugs. The silver pin is in turn surrounded by PTFE insulation,...

AVTech media Awards 2013/14: Best USB Cable - Chord USB SilverPlus

AVTech media Awards – Best USB Cable: Chord USB SilverPlus