New Product : Chord Clearway Digital – available now

New Product : Chord Clearway Digital – available now


Clearway Digital is an all-new Tuned ARAY digital audio cable at an affordable price point of just £100.  Available in a wide range of terminations, including a 3.5mm mono jack for today’s high-performance portable devices, Clearway Digital was conceived to deliver no-compromise digital audio, to and from a wide range of audio products.
Standard terminations include our high-performance direct silver-plated VEE 3 RCA plugs as well as silver-plated BNC plugs. We have recognised the increasing importance of high-performance portable DACs and are offering Clearway Digital terminated with a 3.5mm mono jack.  This configuration allows owners of DACs or devices equipped with a 3.5mm coaxial socket to experience the levels of clarity, detail and musical coherence inherent in digital Tuned ARAY cables.

Clearway Digital takes design cues from our extraordinarily revealing flagship Sarum Super ARAY Digital – to produce a £100 interconnect with an exceptionally transparent and coherent performance.

Clearway Digital uses an oxygen-free copper conductor combined with gas-foamed polyethylene insulation and woven copper shield. Clearway Digital refines 30 years of Chord Company know-how into a highly affordable interconnect for the digital age.  It replaces the popular Prodac VEE3 digital cable.



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