ChordMusic Digital

ChordMusic Digital

The finest coaxial digital cable in the portfolio, ChordMusic Digital delivers the finery of binary in full undiluted glory. If the heart of your high-end system is hi-res digital then you need to try this with your DAC, CD transport, streamer, hard drive, PC, portable device etc

ChordMusic cables are designed around our unique Taylon® insulation – a material upgrade to the widely used PTFE. Unlike PTFE Taylon® is phase-stable at room temperature and is an effective partner for our unique Super ARAY geometry.

Our in-house listening tests with Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY conductor designs (via various amps, turntables, CD players, streaming devices and DACs) have convinced us to continue with this line of development and ongoing refinements.

The results of audio demonstrations and opinions of a high-level system’s musical performance are very personal and subjective areas so we recommend talking to your nearest ChordMusic dealer about arranging a listening session of your own – preferably with your equipment and your favourite recordings.


ChordMusic Digital Awards & Reviews

Product review: Chord ChordMusic - Hi-Fi+ Magazine March 2018

ChordMusic has a natural quality of vocal texture and instrumental timbre that can be beguiling

Product review: ChordMusic press launch – The EAR April 2016

ChordMusic the inside story Chord has officially launched its most ambitious cable range to date in ChordMusic. First previewed at Bristol last year it has taken until now for Nigel Finn and Alan Gibb to gather enough of this uniquely insulated cable to build both interconnects and speaker cables for the ChordMusic range. The ChordMusic...

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