Qobuz: 3 levels of high quality streaming audio

Qobuz: 3 levels of high quality streaming audio

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We are loving the hi-res music choice from Qobuz and have been using this high quality audio streaming (and purchasing) service for evaluating our digital audio cables. It’s also coming in very handy at shows and demonstrations – to cue-up impressive playlists at short notice, tailored to audience taste, room vibe etc.

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  • Qobuz offers the biggest catalog of Hi-Fi and Hi-Res albums in the world, both for new releases and specialized genres.
  • With thousands of digital booklets For hundreds of thousands of albums, Qobuz includes all the information you need to recreate the appeal of a real CD: the names of musicians, producers, lyrics… there’s everything you need to know to appreciate your favorite albums.
  • Qobuz is compatible with all types of audio equipment and also provides advice on your Hi-Fi equipment purchases.
  • Every week, Qobuz publishes interactive articles that widen your musical knowledge. Experts cherry-pick the most exciting new releases for you, across every genre from all over the world.
  • Listen in offline mode – enjoy your music even when you don’t have internet access.




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