Product review: Chord Company RumourX speaker cable - Hi-Fi World Sept 2019

“Dynamic, punchy yet possessing great poise and detail. Chord’s RumourX is a cable with the ability to improve many a system.” “The original Rumour loudspeaker cables have been a mainstay of the Chord range for many years but these RumourXs are a worthy successor. They have a lively yet well balanced sound that will suit...

Product review: Chord Company OdysseyX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice 451 July 2019

“Both the side-to-side and the front-to-back imaging are superb, and all the instruments are well focused and clearly positioned. The piano is full and rich and displays splendid levels of detail and realism. ..the soundstage is nicely broad and deep as the OdysseyX conveys believable and elegant performances.” Hi-Fi Choice      

Product review: Chord Company EpicXL speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice 450 June 2019

“The soundstage has enormous depth and I feel part of the audience with the performers playing on the stage in front of me. Instrument placement is precise, and I am able to individually locate all eight players as the cable positively allows the sense of realism in the presentation to flow. This is certainly an...

What Hi-Fi? Best speaker cables 2019: featuring Chord C-screen and RumourX - BEST BUYS

What Hi-fi? buyers guide to the best speaker cable you can purchase in 2019. Check out the latest WHAT-HI-FI? mini-guide, featuring (among others) Chord Company C-screen and RumourX speaker cables along with a handy list of retail outlets and links to the many other Chord Co award-winners. If you are arranging a demonstration or placing...

Product review: Chord ShawlineX speaker cable - Hi-Fi World May 2019

“The Shawline X cables are extremely balanced and enjoyable. The biggest compliment I can pay them is that they simply get out of the way and let the music come through, revealing details you may have never noticed before on many recordings. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade for many a system.” Hi-Fi World May 2019  ...

Product review: Chord RumourX speaker cable - What Hi-Fi? Mar 2019

Chord Company hits the mark again

Product review: Chord Sarum T Digital cable - Audio Bacon Mar 2019

“Going through my collections of Sara Bareilles, Lana Del Rey, and Alice Merton – the Sarum T was a revelation (literally). From the gentle vocal inflections to the higher energies of a falsetto. It digs deep into the nuances and character of the performers. This is at a level of detail I haven’t heard from...

Product review: Chord RumourX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice 447 Feb 2019

"..a sophisticated performance that will work brilliantly in a variety of music systems and is good value. "