Product review: Chord Sarum T - The Ear Dec 2017

" there’s no getting away from the advantages accrued from having this cable throughout the system, it gives you the mother load of musical thrill power and will have you pinned to the listening seat for hours."

Product review: Chord C-digital - Hi-Fi Choice 430 Dec 2017

designed for the job and at a price that won’t break the bank

Product review: Chord Shawline ShawCan headphone cable - Hi-Fi Choice 429 Nov 2017

"The ShawCan sure can deliver sonic benefits and so consequently comes very highly recommended."

Product review: Chord Sarum T speaker cable - Hi-Fi World Nov 2017

Supremely open and unsullied, they can compete with rivals costing many times more

Product review: Chord Clearway Analogue RCA - What Hi-Fi? 5 STARS Sept 2017

“If you’re spending hard-earned cash on hi-fi components, you’ll want cabling that doesn’t inhibit their performance. Chord’s Clearway might be ideal”  What Hi-Fi?  

Product review: Chord C-USB digital interconnect cable - Hi-Fi Choice 427

“I use the C-USB to connect a Windows PC to my Alpha Design Labs GT40a (HFC 399), which is acting as a DAC for playing music files on my computer through my hi-fi. When I play a hi-res 24/192 PCM file of The Locrian Ensemble of London playing the Rondo from Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,...

Product review: Chord Sarum T - Speaker Shack July 2017

“This is one Outstanding Product which deserves all the praise it can get and Chord have really pushed the envelope of R&D to another level.“ Read the full review here Sarum T product info here    

Product review: Chord Sarum T (& system) Hi-Fi+ 147 - May 2017

"This cable really lets the signal breathe, pushing the musical performance to the fore and the system itself well into the background"