Product review: English Electric 8Switch - The Ear June 2020 BEST BUY

“the 8Switch has the key characteristics associated with Chord cables, namely great timing and coherence, which are crucial to making reproduced music sound realistic and enjoyable in the home. Add to this its conveniently compact size and high quality fit and finish and you have a product that anyone with a streaming source will find...

Product review Chord Company LeylineX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice magazine 463 June 2020

” Her voice is consistently clear and precise, with no trace of sibilance. The lower frequencies in the instrumental backing are tight and punchy and the percussion is crisp and clean throughout. In summary, the LeylineX is an amazingly robust and impressive value speaker cable,” Hi-Fi Choice 463    

Product review: Chord Company ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid - Hi-Fi Choice magazine May 2020

“My system sounds noticeably clearer and the music a tad more real after treatment. The midband is slightly more forward and the top end crisper and more refined. Playing a CBS LP of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Boxer shows a far better control of sibilance with this bright recording, and the positioning of the vocals...

Product review: Chord Company EpicXL speaker cable - Hi-Fi World Magazine Mar 2020

“Open, tuneful and devoid of artificial sound. Rather hefty but easy to route” “the Chords impose as little as seems possible and so let you know exactly what your amplifier, loudspeaker and source are actually doing. Playing Arvo Part’s ‘Requiem For Benjamin Britten’ the decay at the end seemed to go on longer than I...

Product review: Chord Company C-series and Clearway - HIFISTATEMENT Magazine Jan 2020

“Chord C-Screen: Allein mit Ecken und Kanten, zusammen eine weit oben spielende Kombination, die Spaß und Auflösung bietet. Ein sehr preisgünstiger Einstieg in das gehobene Segment. Chord Clearway: Egal ob solo oder in Kombination. Dermaßen viel Musik, Auflösung, Raum und Fluss gepaart mit Glanz und Farbe sucht man in dieser Preisklasse sonst vergeblich. Dem leicht...

Product review: Chord Company Clearway and C-series cables - Long Live Vinyl magazine Nov 2019

  Chord Company C-series and Clearway cables reviewed by John Pickford in issue 32 (November 2019) of this great magazine. Find out more here.    

Product review: Chord Company RumourX speaker cable - Hi-Fi World Sept 2019

“Dynamic, punchy yet possessing great poise and detail. Chord’s RumourX is a cable with the ability to improve many a system.” “The original Rumour loudspeaker cables have been a mainstay of the Chord range for many years but these RumourXs are a worthy successor. They have a lively yet well balanced sound that will suit...

Product review: Chord Company OdysseyX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice 451 July 2019

“Both the side-to-side and the front-to-back imaging are superb, and all the instruments are well focused and clearly positioned. The piano is full and rich and displays splendid levels of detail and realism. ..the soundstage is nicely broad and deep as the OdysseyX conveys believable and elegant performances.” Hi-Fi Choice