Product review: Chord Company ClearwayX speaker cable – Hi-Fi World Sept 2020

Reviewed in August, 2020

“The improvements were ‘night and day’, especially with the higher-end Cambridge kit and ‘speakers. Bass was more revealing and bestowed with tangible solidity, a sonic looseness of the cheaper wire disappearing altogether. Midrange clarity – strings and vocals in particular – was better, while previously-elusive treble details now burst out of the mix. The system also conveyed dynamic swings with greater ease, but the biggest advantage is that everything just sounds…more musical. Even with the cheaper system, many of these improvements could be heard – albeit to a lesser degree. If you’re still using bell-wire, give your ears a treat and ride the ClearwayX to better listening.”

Chord Company ClearwayX speaker cable

Reviewed Hi-Fi World Sept 2020




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