Product review: Chord Shawline Range – Hi-Fi World Oct 2016

Reviewed in September, 2016

The Wiltshire-based Chord Company certainly made an impact with the launch of their Tuned ARAY cables interconnect and digital cables. Developed by their renowned designer Nigel Finn they used a unique geometry and superior materials to bring out the spatial elements in music while retaining the timing and essential rhythmic vibrancy. Listening to the first iteration of this technology I was supremely impressed with its clarity, openness and, most of all, level of detail on offer. One problem, however, was the cost – the Tuned ARAY first appearing in the high-end Sarum interconnects. However, the development is now starting to trickle down throughout the Chord range and has been implemented in its new Shawline series. Analogue and digital interconnects are available as well as a dedicated loudspeaker cable. The latter features silver-plated conductors, 16 AWG multi-strand silver-plated conductors allied to a PTFE insulation.

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Jon Myles, Hi-Fi World

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