Alchemy Mastering with Chord Sarum Super ARAY

Alchemy Mastering with Chord Sarum Super ARAY

Alchemy Music Studios

We are very pleased to announce that Chord Sarum Super ARAY mains cable is now being used by Alchemy Mastering Studios.

Friend of The Chord Company,  Andrew Pirie, from Groove Line Records in Glasgow, uses Alchemy for their famous “half speed” pressings and we have him to thank for turning them on to our high performance cables.



Read more about half speed mastering here



Matt Colton from Alchemy on Chord Sarum Super ARAY Mains Cables and ATC SCM 150 monitors:

“ From the moment I put the Chord Sarum Super ARAY power cables on my main ATC monitors I heard a significant improvement in the dynamics, stereo image and an increased smoothness in the top end. They are a no brainer – everything sounds better in my studio now! “

Alchemy Mastering is one of the UK’s foremost facilities. The team have been mastering hits across all genres of music for over fourteen years.

Alchemy Mastering
10 Barb Mews
London W6 7PA
Tel: 020 734 80010


Alchemy Music Studios





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