New Chord Company Epic Digital Tuned ARAY

New Chord Company Epic Digital Tuned ARAY

The new Epic Digital ups the stakes with Tuned ARAY coaxial conductor geometry.

Hand built in England by a team of music lovers, this cable features silver-plated conductors, advanced shielding and comes with the usual Chord Company lifetime guarantee.

An excellent match for any mid-range DAC, CD transport or streamer, helping you get the most out of your hi-res music.

Epic Digital is available to audition now, alongside the full range of award-winning analogue and digital connections, speaker cable, power and noise-reduction products.

Available in RCA, RCA/BNC and AES/EBU flavours, it comes as standard in 1m lengths, equipped with superior ChorAlloy™ plated connectors/connector pins. For those who demand a tailored fit, custom lengths are available to order.


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