Free Chord Cream instrument cables for unsigned bands and artists

Free Chord Cream instrument cables for unsigned bands and artists

facebook-shared-image-504w-cream-comp-guitaristYes, you read that correctly. Throughout September we will be running a competition for 3 unsigned bands or solo artists to win Chord Cream instrument cable bundles worth £260.00

Cable bundles will consist of two 6m and two 3m Cream instrument cables, with choices of right-angle or straight 1/4 inch jacks.

To enter – simply sign up and send us a message via our Facebook page. Then send us a copy of your 3 best tunes/demos on CD, USB stick, 7-inch, cassette – or if you are so inclined, point us in the direction of your Soundcloud account, or wherever your music lives on-line.  We are open to any style, format and genre. We are not open to bribery, unless its proper large amounts of money/gear.

Our hand-picked team of judges wichord-cream-guitar-lead-500pxll be woken up at the end of the month and locked in our listening suite until they have selected their three favourite entrants. We will then get in touch to check how the lucky winners want their cables terminated.

Closing date for all entries is 30th September and the winners will be announced in early October.


Small print / rules and regs etc

There are no rules and regulations (we are above that sort of thing), just don’t try any funny business or attempt to pass off others’ work as your own, coz we’ll know – and then we’ll have to send our big sister ’round to give you a wedgie.



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