ChordMusic USB

Explore the full potential of high-end audio streaming. ChordMusic USB employs Taylon® insulation and 2 layers of noise reduction material. One on the plus and minus signal conductors and another covering the 5 volt conductors and the USB Super ARAY conductor geometry.


Rock solid image, enormous amounts of detail and dynamic information, presented in an easy musical manner.

Sarum T USB cable

We often use a Chord Electronics DAC in our demo room, connected via Sarum T USB. A quite extraordinary performance. Musically correct and deeply involving.

Sarum T streaming cable

If you are using a high-end streamer you need to try the Sarum T Super ARAY streaming cable

Leyline2X speaker cable (2-core)

High-performance, budget-conscious speaker cable for all A/V and home cinema systems. Leyline2X features XLPE insulation, LS0H outer jacket (low smoke, zero halogen), metre marking, rip cord (for simple stripping) and is encased in a 152m pull-box - making it supremely easy to handle in any A/V custom install application.

Silent Mount SM5X stainless steel speaker/rack isolation mounts 50mm

4 x 50mm stainless steel spike mounts for racks or loudspeakers. Hand crafted in Japan.

Silent Mount SM7X stainless steel speaker isolation mounts 70mm

4 x 70mm stainless steel spike mounts for speakers. Hand crafted in Japan.

Silent Mount SM5TX titanium isolation rack mounts 50mm

4 x 50mm titanium spike mounts for lightweight racks and components. Hand crafted in Japan

Speaker cable connectors – ChordOhmic 4mm banana plug and spade connector

ChordOhmic loudspeaker connectors. Instant audio upgrade. Designed to bring electrical and sonic benefits to speaker cables everywhere. Spade or 4mm banana. Optimum contact via Hex-gun crimp termination.

Clearway HDMI cable

Clearway HDMI supports 10K at 30Hz, 8K at 60Hz, 4K at 120Hz, 48GBps, Dynamic HDR, HDCP2.2, eARC, 3D and all HDMI audio formats. Available lengths: 0.75m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m. A worthy addition to the award-winning Clearway range. A worthy addition to the award-winning Clearway range.

Shawline HDMI AOC

Alongside the full 4K HDR picture quality, this premium high-speed cable benefits from the improved audio performance of optical fibre and is immune to HF noise. Shawline HDMI AOC is a worthy addition to the award-winning range.

C-view HDMI cable

C-view HDMI benefits from a 48GBps bandwidth with a resolution of 8k at 60hz or 4k at 120hz. It supports Dynamic HDR, HDCP2.3, eARC, 3D and all HDMI audio formats.

ClearwayX ARAY analogue mini-jack/RCA cable

High-performance analogue mini-jack/RCA interconnect. Hand built in the UK. Part of the multi-award-winning Clearway range.

ShawlineX ARAY Analogue mini-jack/RCA cable

ShawlineX  mini-jack cables use our acclaimed ARAY conductor geometry to produce the best possible performance from all portable devices.

English Electric 16Switch

The English Electric 16Switch is a two-zone, dual power supply, 16-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) device. A practical upgrade for your streaming music/video experience. Improved network signal quality can deliver significant performance benefits whether streamed or via NAS drives.

Clearway Streaming cable

Clearway Streaming cable has been designed to virtually eliminate the pickup of external high-frequency noise that can interfere with your enjoyment of streamed digital audio and video