“A Clockwork Orange” JA Michell Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference turntable

“A Clockwork Orange” JA Michell Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference turntable

We have (temporarily) in our possession, one of the two iconic Michell turntables reportedly used in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film “A Clockwork Orange”.

This venerable British design classic has become something of a celebrity and we are honoured to have been asked (well Alan Gibb was asked) to give it a thorough service and overhaul – including the repair and testing of its equally venerable tonearm cable.

The turntable is packed with quirky and wonderful features – including a built-in “British” stylus brush, a drop down leg to support the opened dust cover and a silicon oil bath that is used to regulate the speed. More on these and a full feature on the servicing procedure will follow…


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  1. The original hydraulic reference turntable was designed and manufactured by the late David Gammon who founded the Transcriptors company way back in 1960, and not J A Michell Eng. Kubrick approached David Gammon at his Borehamwood factory and asked to borrow one for the film which he obliged. J A Michell did not start to manufacture the hydraulic until 1973 when the Michell company was created and David Gammon gave them a manufacturing license which was cancelled in November 1977.

    The hydraulic pictured is actually a branded Transcriptors unit as they were left with Michell to get production up and running.

  2. Hi,

    One of two? just 2?
    I have one, looks almost similar, missing some parts, but the sign is the same. J.A. Michell
    Maybe mine is the second one?

    Erlend Salberg

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